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CD Genomics Services.

From raw sequencing data to standardized data analysis reports, CD Genomics escorts your research through strict data quality control, reliable analysis software, standardized analysis procedures and cutting-edge analysis techniques. We provide bioinformatics data analysis according to customer needs, including conventional data analysis and personalized customized analysis services.

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CD Genomics Resources

If you do not have genomic data and plan to start a new project, we can provide you with decent research design and the most appropriate technology options. You can provide your own laboratory data or third-party provider data. In addition, we also compiled some commonly used analysis software and data network URL.

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  • Bioinformatics Tools white bottom

    Bioinformatics Tools

    A wide variety of bioinformatics analysis tools for your reference and selection, as follows: GrapeTree, Cicos, VENN diagram, heatmap, PCA, PCoA

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  • Public Database white bottom

    Public Database

    The public databases can help you analyze your data more deeply and efficiently, covering nucleic acids, phenotypes, interactions, biopharmaceuticals, and more.

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  • Support Documents white bottom

    Support Documents

    Ins and outs of bioinformatics. You can find information here about genomics, transcriptomics, epigenetics analysis as well as applications.

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  • Inforgraphics white bottom


    Practical inforgraphics contain various bioinformatics knowledge. These inforgraphics are available for free download and let you learn more bioinformatics skills.

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