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Bioinformatics-Analysis, a division of CD Genomics, offers state-of-the-art bioinformatics data analysis in various fields of life sciences which guarantees our customers high quality results and provide clear answers to their research questions. Our excellent bioinformatics team can assist you answering a wide range of genomics questions, from genome assembly to comparative genomics, transcriptomics, metagenomics, proteomics, epigenetics research, expression analysis as well as custom analyses. We provide a one-stop data analysis service. Customers only need to provide raw data and leave the task of data analysis to us, which can save you valuable time for more important research.

Bioinformatics Services and Applications.

  • Disease Research white bottom

    Disease Research

    Due to the deteriorating living environment and poor individual living habits, the prevalence of various diseases has greatly increased, reducing the quality of life of individuals and increasing the burden on families and society. With the advent of the genome era, new research directions have been opened for disease research and treatment.

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  • Preclinical Research white bottom

    Preclinical Research

    Combined sequencing data with related drug databases, bioinfomatics can be used to predict the efficacy of drugs, predict the dose of drugs, avoid ADR of drugs, and find new targets for drugs.

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  • Clinical Research white bottom

    Clinical Research

    Design specific primers and probes through biological software for clinical gene diagnosis, typing, quantification, and identification of drug resistance genes. It plays an important role in disease study.

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  • Biomaker Research white bottom

    Biomaker Research

    In the process of biomarker analysis, the genome, transcriptome, proteome, metabolome, epitome sequencing data and chip data are mainly analyzed.

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  • Drug Discovery and Development white bottom

    Drug Discovery and Development

    Drug discovery and development pipelines are long, complex and depend on numerous factors. Bioinformatics analysis maximises the value of the drug pipeline in terms of time and costs.

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  • Agricultural Technology white bottom

    Agricultural Technology

    In the research process of crops, bioinformatics takes nucleic acids and proteins in biological macromolecule databases as the main research objects, and comprehensively make them have clarifies biological significance.

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  • Microbiome Research white bottom

    Microbiome Research

    Bioinformatics uses methods including statistics and visualization, network analysis, evolutionary analysis, machine learning and association analysis to perform dimensionality reduction, diversity and functional analysis of microbial data.

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  • Food Science white bottom

    Food Science

    Bioinformatics methods are often used in different research fields in the food industry, such as food processing, quality improvement, food storage research, food nutrition research, and special population diet research, food safety and food authentication, and food metabolomics research.

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CD Genomics

Bioinformatics Data Analysis

Bioinformatics is a subject that combines computer, mathematics, and biology. With the develop of sequencing technologies, a top-level Next Generation lab infrastructure including the latest sequencing technologies offered by ONT (Oxford Nanopore Technologies), Illumina and Pacific Biosciences generate a large amount of omics data. Our team of bioinformatics experts mine and analyze different types of above sequencing data to help you accelerate your research in different fields.

CD Genomics

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Our bioinformatics data analusis team, which take care of the full process from filtering raw sequencing data and control of high-quality data, make sure you are always up to date about the status of your project. And of course you can always ask our specialists to provide support to define the optimal project setup according to your needs. The data generated is carefully processed and analysed by our data analysis team, thus offering you a complete analysis solution. In the whole process, all you need to do is provide your raw data. In this manner CD Genomics profiles itself as a fast, reliable and complete solution provider.

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