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CD Genomics provides whole genome resequencing data analysis service. We use bioinformatics to help you quickly locate mutations and explore genetic variations at the DNA level. Our unique data analysis skills and advanced software can meet customers' personalized laboratory data analysis needs and provide the most easy-to-interpret data analysis reports.

Introduction to Whole Genome Resequencing Analysis

Whole genome resequencing is carried out when the genomes of known species are sequenced. By resequencing the genomes of different individuals of the species or different tissues of the same individual, the differences of genomic sequences can be fully excavated from the population or individual level. This method can obtain a large number of accurate genomic information at low cost, and is of great guiding significance for animal and plant breeding research and human diseases.

Whole genome sequencing data analysis can be applied to human genetics and evolution studies to detect genome-wide genetic variations, pathogenic and susceptibility genes, and to enable genetic diversity and evolution analysis. With the development and popularization of next-generation sequencing technology, whole genome resequencing has become one of the most rapid and effective methods for human genetics, transformational medicine and population evolution. Whole genome resequencing data analysis can detect genome-wide gene variations and structure variations, including SNP, Indel, CNV and SV.

Circos diagram comparing CIS genomic profiles with TCGA LUSC data Fig 1. Circos diagram comparing CIS genomic profiles with TCGA LUSC data. (Teixeira V H ; et al.2019)

Application of Whole Genome Resequencing Analysis

Whole genome resequencing analysis can be used for but is not limited to the following research:

1.Detecting individual genomic variation
2.Locating mutant functional mutation site
3.Population genetic analysis
4.Whole gene association analysis

CD Genomics Data Analysis Pipeline

CD Genomics whole genome resequencing data analysis - CD Genomics.

Bioinformatics Analysis Content

Standard analysis

Quality control of sequencing data

Map to reference genome

SNP detection and annotation

Advanced analysis

CNV detection and annotation

Indel detection

SV detection and annotation

For whole genome resequencing data analysis, if you have personalized customization analysis needs, such as population genetic analysis and GWAS analysis, we will provide appropriate biological information analysis content according to your needs, please feel free to contact us for details.

Turnaround Time

Whole Genome Resequencing Analysis

About one to two weeks, it’s related to the content of the project and the complexity of the genome and depending on the number of samples and the quality and size of the sample data. For more information, please contact us.

CD Genomics has successfully conducted whole genome resequencing data analysis on a variety of diseases, animals and plants, combined with rich project experience, professional project plan guidance and analysis process, to ensure that the project is carried out accurately and quickly. Please contact us for more information and a detailed quote.


  1. Teixeira V H ; et al. Deciphering the genomic, epigenomic, and transcriptomic landscapes of pre-invasive lung cancer lesions. Nature Medicine, 2019.
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