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Personalized Chart Customization

As one of the bioinformatics analysis service providers, CD Genomics is well aware of the importance of charts in scientific and technological papers.Making exquisite and accurate charts often requires a wealth of drawing experience. CD Genomics has many years of experience in bioinformatics analysis and chart making, and we provide chart customization services to different customers.

Importance of Charts

Chart is a highly intuitive language, and it often arouses the interest of reviewers or readers in scientific and technological papers. Chart is a visual language of experimental data, observation results, clinical data and scientific ideas. Its role in scientific research papers can not be replaced by language. The graphic image, intuitive, true and complete characteristics can objectively show the research content, research results and research level of researchers. The use of charts can give the reader an irrefutable sense of reality and is very persuasive.

What Can We Do?

CD Genomics will recommend the most suitable chart making solution for you according to customer needs and raw data, and make intuitive and accurate high-quality charts. If you have excellent chart design concepts, but lack of computing resources, we can also help you generate related charts. Here are some commonly used charts.

Interaction Network Diagram

Genome visualization

Phylogenetic tree 

Cluster graph

Venn diagram 

Pie chart 

Circle diagram

Genome map

Differential expression heatmap

Signal Path Enrichment Diagram

Box plot

Column chart

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Personalized Bioinformatics Analysis

CD Genomics is happy to provide you with personalized chart making and chart optimization services. If you have any questions related to charts, please contact us at any time. We have a professional team of bioinformatics engineers to answer related questions for you.

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Personalized Bioinformatics Analysis
Personalized Bioinformatics Analysis
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