Proteomics Data Analysis

Proteomics Data Analysis

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CD Genomics is staffed by highly talented scientists experienced in proteomics research. We provide proteomics sequencing data bioinformatics analysis service, from project design, data analysis to chart making, all in one-stop. We look forward to moving your research forward.

What Do We Analyze?

Importance of Proteomics

Proteome is a general term for all proteins expressed by cells and tissues in an organism, which is encoded by a set of genomes. Proteomic refers to the study of protein characteristics at the proteomic level, such as the detection of types, expression levels, interactions, and protein modifications, so as to obtain regulatory relationships between proteins and find labeled proteins. Mass spectrometry is the most method in proteomics research. The principle of mass spectrometry is that after the purified protein molecules are ionized, the peptide molecules are separated and detected in the electromagnetic field according to the different charge-mass ratio.

Data Analysis

Proteome bioinformatic analysis is the analysis of mass spectrometry data. The detection results are compared with the protein profile database, and the qualitative analysis is performed on the detected proteins. The detected protein is quantified, followed with functional annotation and difference analysis. Proteomic bioinformatic analysis lays a data foundation for subsequent research on proteins.

Proteomics Research Field

◎ Disease research

◎ Plant and animal phenotyping

◎ Drug discovery and development

◎ Toxicology test

◎ Antibody profiling for disease study and treatment

◎ Diagnostic biomarker discovery

◎ Microbiology

Analysis Content

1. Accuracy evaluation of mass spectrometry data

2. Protein identification

3. Annotation of protein function

4. Quantitative protein analysis

5. Differential protein analysis

6. Differential protein function analysis

CD Genomics' analysis team not only provides standardized bioinformatic analysis content for proteomics data, but also provides customized analysis services according to customer project needs. For more information, please click online inquiry for more details.

* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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