Metabolomics Data Analysis

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Metabolomics data analysis

CD Genomics, as one of the metabolomics bioinformatics analysis service providers, can provide professional bioinformatics analysis services for the data generated by different metabolite detection platforms. Our unique data analysis skills and appropriate software tools can meet customers' personalized laboratory data analysis needs and provide you with easy-to-interpret data analysis reports.

What Do We Analyze?

Importance of Metabolomics

Metabolome refers to a collection of small molecule compounds that participate in the metabolism of an organism and maintain the normal growth and development of the organism. It mainly refers to endogenous small molecule metabolites with a relative molecular weight of less than 1000 DA. Among many biomolecules such as genes, RNA, and proteins, metabolites are closest to the phenotype, reflecting the true physiological state of the organism. Metabolomics is a science that performs qualitative and quantitative analysis of metabolites in biological samples to discover new metabolites, new metabolic pathways, or to find the correlation between metabolites and physiological and pathological changes. Common metabolite detection platforms such as nuclear magnetic resonance NMR, gas-mass spectrometry GC-MS, and liquid-mass spectrometry LC-MS.

Data Analysis

With the development of bioinformatics technology, scientific research tends to be in the field of more complex systems. Through the use of bioinformatics methods to deeply dig the data information generated by the metabolite detection platform, and the association analysis of genomes, transcriptomes, proteomes and other omics with the metabolome helps system science to explain biological problems and accelerate metabolites downstream research process.

Metabolomics Research Field

◎ Detection of metabolites in healthy people

◎ Clinical sample testing and analysis

◎ Research on medicinal ingredients and drug metabolism

◎ Study on drug effect and toxic side effects

◎ Disease biomarker screening

◎ Research on the mechanism of disease occurrence and development

◎ Animal nutrition and feeding

◎ Research on stress response mechanism

◎ Breeding of improved color of vegetables, fruits and flowers

◎ Research on the Mechanism of Animal and Plant Growth and Development

◎ Microbiology research

Analysis Content

1. Raw data preprocessing

2. Metabolite identification

3. Quantification of metabolites

4. PCA analysis

5. PLS-DA analysis

6. Differential metabolite screening and cluster analysis

7. Enrichment analysis of the differential metabolite KEGG pathway

CD Genomics, staffed by highly experienced biological scientists in metabolomics studies, for metabolomics data analysis, if you have any other type of metabolic data analysis needs, we can provide a series of metabolomics bioinformatics analysis services for your requirements. Please feel free to contact us and see how we can help you address your problems.

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