CRISPR Bioinformatics Analysis

CRISPR Bioinformatics Analysis

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The CRISPR-Cas system is a prokaryotic immune system that confers resistance to foreign genetic elements. In recent years, the CRISPR-Cas system has also been engineered to facilitate target gene editing in eukaryotic genomes. The CRISPR screen is an essential molecular target technique of high-throughput screening. Bioinformatics plays an essential role in the analysis of CRISPR system-based studies.


Importance of CRISPR Bioinformatics Analysis

The CRISPR-Cas system is an RNA-directed endonuclease for genome engineering. Advances in CRISPR screening technology have made it possible to systematically and reliably determine the nature of genes under a variety of conditions. The CRISPR-Cas9 gene targeting system allows scientists to modify parts of the genome by removing, adding, or altering parts of an organism's DNA sequence. It is currently the simplest, most flexible, accurate, and effective genetic manipulation technique with many possible applications. To maximize genome editing, CRISPR-Cas9 has also been adapted and pioneered the generation of targeted mutations.

The high-quality gene necessity profile of CRISPR allows for a better comparison between importance prediction methods and better classification of various features of essential genes. These features not only allow for a better understanding of CRISPR screening data but also help prioritize CRISPR screening leads.

Research Field

◎ Complex disease research.

◎ Animal and plant genomics research.

◎ Metagenomic research.

◎ Pharmacogenomics research.

◎ Nutrigenomics research.

◎ Personalized medication.

◎ Genetic testing.

◎ Research on special characters of animals and plants.

◎ Genome-wide association analysis.

◎ eQTL analysis.

Analysis Content

1. Statistics of sequencing results.

2. Data quality control statistics.

3. Map to reference genome or de novo genome assembly.

4. SNP and CNV detection and annotation.

5. sgRNA Abundance Analysis.

6. Differential analysis of abundances of sgRNAs.

7. Validation of CRISPR Libraries.

8. Analysis of predicted off-target loci.

9. Functional annotation of genes in regions related to target traits.

How It Works

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How It Works

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