Bioinformatics analysis

Bioinformatics analysis

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CD Genomics has experienced bioinformatics experts who are proficient in the use of multiple databases, software, and technologies and look forward to providing one-stop personalized bioinformatics analysis services to our customers.

Introduction of Bioinformatics Analysis

Bioinformatics is the study of all aspects of the acquisition, processing, storage, dissemination, analysis, and interpretation of biological information, using information technology and related tools to explore and study biological problems. In bioinformatics, information is the means and biology is the core. With the continuous development of bioinformatics and the advent of the era of big data, CD Genomics, as an expert in the field of bioinformatics, is committed to driving the progress of our customers' projects by providing high-quality big data processing and analysis services.

Relationship of biological -omics with bioinformatics.Figure 1. Relationship of biological "-omics" with bioinformatics. (Li MW, et al., 2013)

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Bioinformatics Analysis Content

Gene level Sequence alignment of closely related species
Multiple sequence alignment
Sequence visualization
Evolutionary tree construction
DNA molecular mass and base composition
DNA sequence enzyme cleavage sites and translation
Gene promoter cis-acting elements
Translation initiation sites
Gene positioning on chromosomes
Protein level Protein open reading frame prediction
Protein physicochemical properties
Protein amino acid composition
Protein conserved functional domains
Protein conserved motifs
Protein secondary structure prediction
Protein tertiary structure analysis
Protein model prediction
Protein similarity prediction
Protein phosphorylation site analysis
Protein N-glycosylation site analysis
Protein O-glycosylation site analysis
Protein disulfide bond prediction analysis
Protein subcellular localization
Protein nuclear localization sequence prediction
Protein transmembrane structural domain prediction
Protein signal peptide prediction
Protein network interactions
GO and KEGG annotation
Transcription factor level TF protein sequence-based prediction
TF target gene binding site prediction
TF Motif visualization
TF target gene prediction
TF DBD prediction
TF target gene promoter, enhancer

We are able to use bioinformatics analysis to help our customers achieve high throughput data analysis in multi-omics. For questions about analysis content, project cycle, and pricing, please click online inquiry.

How It Works

CD Genomics is a professional bioinformatics service provider with years of experience in NGS and long-read sequencing (PacBio SMRT and Oxford Nanopore platforms) data, proteomics and metabolomics data analysis, integrated analysis services, database construction, and other bioinformatics solutions.

How It Works

CD Genomics has professional bioinformatics experts who have successfully provided bioinformatics analysis to researchers in many different fields. Our professional skills and enthusiasm will provide you with high-quality analysis services. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.


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