NGS Data Analysis

NGS Data Analysis

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Combining the continuous development and data explosion of modern NGS sequencing technology and its extensions, CD Genomics develops bioinformatics analysis pipelines based on NGS platforms to integrate multi-omics data from genomics, transcriptomics, microbiomics, and epigenomics, etc. to easily respond to various needs of academic and preclinical research. We are committed to transforming raw sequencing data into meaningful biological results.


The rapid development of next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology has led genomics into a new era. Although NGS technology has high throughput and can efficiently sequence multiple genes in parallel at ideal coverage depths, it is difficult for researchers to understand the significance of a large amount of data due to its limited sequencing read length and the large amount of data generated, which requires multiple tools for bioinformatics analysis such as sequence alignment and variant annotation. CDG has created a faster and more complete solution for sequencing data analysis.

NGS Data Analysis Services

We provide primary/secondary/tertiary sequencing data analysis, from evaluation of raw sequencing data, to alignment and gene expression analysis, to in-depth analysis and biological interpretation of genetic features for different needs, presented in visualization to support your project or downstream step design.

Our NGS data analysis services (but not limited to)

Primary Analysis Raw Data Assessment
Secondary Analysis Data Distribution Analysis
Dimensional Reduction & Clustering Analysis
Differential Expression Analysis
Variants Calling
Tertiary Analysis Structural Variant Analysis
SNP/CNV Analysis
Gene Regulation Analysis
Alternative Splicing Analysis
Gene Ontology Enrichment Analysis
Pathway Enrichment Analysis
Protein-Protein Interaction Network
Co-Expression Network Analysis
Deconvolution Analysis

Advantages of CD Genomics

  • Fast and accurate bioinformatics analysis covering genomics, transcriptomics, and epigenomics data analysis for various academic and preclinical research
  • In addition to standard pipelines, we have the ability to develop custom pipelines and propose appropriate analysis approaches according to your purposes and needs
  • Real-time continuous communication to ensure troubleshooting and problem solving
  • Advanced analysis and visualization of individual results data on demand
  • Complete confidentiality process to ensure the security and privacy of your data and results

CD Genomics Data Analysis Pipeline

NGS Data Analysis

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How It Works

CD Genomics is developing comprehensive bioinformatics solutions using NGS and long-read sequencing data analysis to accelerate your scientific and pharmaceutical R&D breakthroughs and help you solve complex sequencing data analysis problems. Our dedicated team of experts performs quality management and follows every procedure, and has helped many customers get better and faster access to useful information to accelerate research in genomics, genetics, and other sciences and drug development.

We can handle many file types, including FASTQ, BED, SAM, BAM, VCF, etc.

How It Works

Our goal is not only to act as a data analysis service provider, but also as a consultant for your project, providing a total service from project design, data generation, project advancement, data analysis and visualization reporting. If you have further needs, please contact us for more detailed information.

* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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