Genomics Data Analysis

Genomics Data Analysis

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The concept of genomics (genomics) was first proposed by American geneticist Thomas H. Roderick in 1986. Genomics is a cross-biological subject that implements collective characterization, quantitative study and comparative study of different genomes of all genes in organisms. The structure, function, evolution, location, editing and their effects on organisms of genomes can be studied by bioinformatics.

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Importance of Genomics Data Analysis

Genome refers to all genetic information in an organism, that is, the sum of a complete set of haploid genetic material in a cell or organism. Genomics refers to the study of all genetic material, DNA, the genetic material of life. It is used in basic biological research and many application fields, such as biological systems, biotechnology, disease diagnosis, and forensic biology. DNA sequence information has become an indispensable research foundation. The use of modern DNA sequencing technology and information analysis can accurately interpret the genome sequence information of various species.

Advances in genomics have triggered a revolution in the field of discovery-based research and systems biology, and promoted the understanding of the most complex biological systems such as the brain. Genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics together form the basis of omics for systems biology. The use of bioinformatics to analyze genomic data has laid a data foundation for subsequent genetic analysis, gene expression measurement, gene function identification and other further research.

Research Field

◎ Complex disease research

◎ Animal and plant genomics research

◎ Metagenomic research

◎ Pharmacogenomics research

◎ Nutrigenomics research

◎ Personalized medication

◎ Genetic testing

◎ Research on special characters of animals and plants

◎ Genome-wide association analysis

◎ eQTL analysis

Analysis Content

1. Statistics of sequencing results.

2. Data quality control statistics.

3. Map to reference genome or de novo genome assembly.

4. SNP and CNV detection and annotation.

5. Construct phylogenetic tree.

6. PCA analysis.

7. Functional annotation of genes in regions related to target traits.

As one of the genomics data analysis providers, CD Genomics has a professional genome research team that can perform biological information analysis on genomics sequencing data of different sample types, including animals and plants. In addition to general analysis content, we will also provide accurate analysis according to customers' needs. We provide high-quality data analysis services and generate high-quality analysis report. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more detailed information. Our technical support team is ready to serve you at any time.

* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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