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Leveraging Genomics Data to Reveal Exciting New Insights:

CD Genomics provides sequencing and biological information analysis services. The success of each project stems from meaningful project design, accurate sequencing data and effective data analysis. We focus on our customers and ensure that the resulting data and reports meet our customers' needs.

CD Genomics Platform

Throughout the process, we support our customers and ensure that the resulting data and reports meet their needs.

  • Bioinformatic Analysis Platform

    Our talented team of analysists is experienced with bioinformatics and can provide services for genomics, transcriptome, microbiology, epigenetics, proteomics and metabonomics and other omics data processing. The analysis results could be applied to disease research, drug development, clinical diagnosis, crop research, species evolution, biological research and other new entity discovery.

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  • Sequencing Platform

    Our sequencing platform is equipped with the most advanced equipment and experienced staff to assist in sequencing data of all fields. We guarantee the quality of our analysis and results to our clients' satisfaction.

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