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Customized Bioinformatics services. omics data analysis

Customized Services

CD Genomics focuses on data analysis in the fields of biology. In addition to the conventional data analysis service, we also provide customized services, such as personalized data analysis, chart customization and optimization, and database construction. CD Genomics ensures that your data is analyzed in-depth. Our clients will have more available options to choose from and with data integration.

Personalized bioinformatics analysis

Personalized Bioinformatics Analysis

With the development of sequencing technology, and with the gradual deepening of the research topics, different types of sequencing data are acquired continuously and accumulated. Through the analysis of data integration, we may discover some valuable scientific research results. CD Genomics provides you with customized biological data analysis services at a reasonable price.

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Customization of personality chart

Personalized Chart Customization

A picture is worth a thousand words. High-quality charts not only enable us to quickly draw research conclusions, but also can quickly attract the attention of reviewers. CD Genomics continuously collects and summarizes chart design concepts from quality articles to provide professional chart services for your data.

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Laboratory database construction

Laboratory Database Construction

For a life science professional's typical day, in addition to conducting experiments, many hours are spent on balancing different research projects, organizing documents and data, troubleshooting instruments, making sure the reagents and consumables are in stock, checking laboratory websites, etc. CD Genomics provides our customers with a one-stop laboratory data construction service, allowing you to focus more on the actual research.

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CD Genomics has over a decade of experience in data analysis and management. If you have any questions about personalized data analysis, chart customization and optimization, and database construction, please feel free to contact us for more details. A CD Genomics' representative is ready to answer your questions at any time and get a complete understanding of your needs.

Customized Services

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