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Introduction of GrapeTree

GrapeTree. GrapeTree is an interactive software used for phylogenetic tree visualization analysis. It can be used to flexibly operate and display phylogenetic trees and meta-data, such as filtering tree nodes, displaying subtrees, coloring different meta-data, selecting tree nodes based on meta-data, and adding new meta-data. In the case of a large number of samples, the vine in GrapeTree can intuitively reflect and display the complex evolutionary relationship between samples, which is convenient for researchers to analyze the data and build a beautiful evolutionary tree. GrapeTree is a stand-alone package for investigating phylogenetic trees and associated metadata, and is also integrated into EnteroBase to facilitate cutting edge navigation of genomic relationships among bacterial pathogens.

GrapeTree visualization of genetic clusters.Fig 1. GrapeTree visualization of genetic clusters.(Zhemin, Z, et al. 2018)

Application Field

Pathogenic microorganism analysis.

Microorganism evolution analysis.

Disease Research.

GrapeTree can be used to quickly and easily perform microbial evolution analysis. CD Genomics can help you quickly obtain data analysis, and draw a beautiful evolutionary tree for you. All you need to do is providing the original data files to us. Contact us for a one-stop data solution!


  1. Zhemin, Z, et al. GrapeTree: Visualization of core genomic relationships among 100,000 bacterial pathogens.[J]. Genome research, 2018. Sep; 28(9): 1395-1404.
* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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