Whole Transcriptome Analysis

Whole Transcriptome Analysis

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CD Genomics is a whole transcriptome sequencing data analysis provider. We use bioinformatics to explore the interaction between mRNA and non-coding RNA in organisms quickly and accurately. Our high-quality data analysis platform will be used to generate high-quality analysis results in a fast analysis cycle.

Introduction to Whole Transcriptome

The narrow transcriptome contains only mRNA by default, while the whole transcriptome refers to the collection of all transcripts in a cell or tissue, including mRNA and non-coding RNA. At present, the research of non-coding RNA is mainly focused on small RNA (represented by miRNA), long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) and circular RNA (circRNA) with regulatory function. The regulatory objects of these types of ncRNA are all related to mRNA.

Bioinformatic analysis of the whole transcriptome sequencing data can detect a large number of miRNA, lncRNA and circRNA while detecting mRNA. Analysis of the expression level and function of the whole transcriptome and the regulatory network between them can quickly, comprehensively, and accurately obtain data information related to all transcripts of a specific biological process.

Construction of the circRNA-miRNA co-expression network.Fig 1. Construction of the circRNA-miRNA co-expression network. (Dou C, et al. 2016)

Application Field

Whole transcriptome sequencing data analysis can be used for but is not limited to the following research:

Disease progression studies

Growth of animals and plants

Cell differentiation and development

Plant stress resistance

Tumor development and metastasis

Advantages of CD Genomics

Well-designed analysis process and fast delivery

Rich and in-depth analysis content

Personalized analysis and chart making

Rich experience in whole transcriptome data analysis

CD Genomics Data Analysis Pipeline

CD Genomics whole transcriptome sequencing data analysis pipeline - CD Genomics.

Bioinformatics Analysis Content

CD Genomics provides whole transcriptome biological data analysis including RNA interaction patterns and ceRNA competition network analysis, etc., which makes the research related to regulation more comprehensive and three-dimensional.

Small RNA data analysis Data preprocessing
Map to reference genome
Small RNA identification
Sequence analysis
Differential expression analysis
MiRNA target gene analysis
GO enrichment analysis
KEGG enrichment analysis
Circular RNA analysis Data preprocessing
Map to reference genome
Circular RNA identification
Differential expression analysis
Circular RNA target gene analysis
GO functional classification
KEGG metabolic pathway analysis
MRNA data analysis Data quality control
Map to reference genome
Data statistics
Expression abundance analysis
GO functional classification
KEGG metabolic pathway analysis
Gene differential expression profiling
GO enrichment analysis of differential gene
KEGG enrichment analysis of differential genes
LncRNA data analysis Data quality control
LncRNA identification
Analysis of genes near LncRNA on chromosome
LncRNA differential expression analysis
LncRNA target gene prediction
GO enrichment analysis of differentially expressed target genes
KEGG enrichment analysis of differentially expressed target genes
Joint analysis Target genes analysis
Competing endogenous RNA  interaction analysis
Co-expression network analysis
Protein interaction network analysis
Key driver gene network analysis

For whole transcriptome sequencing data analysis, if you have other personalized analysis needs, please contact us, and we will provide you with a reasonable analysis plan. For analysis content, price, cycle, if you have any questions, please click online inquiry.

How It Works

CD Genomics is a high-tech company specializing in multiomic data analysis. We provide services such as project design, data analysis, and database construction. With a focus on developing breakthrough products and services, we are a pioneer in the biotechnology industry, serving researchers and partners worldwide.

How It Works

CD Genomics provides comprehensive transcriptomics joint analysis including small RNA, circular RNA, long non-coding RNA, mRNA analysis and interaction analysis between these competing endogenous RNAs. In addition,we provide personalized analysis and charting according to customer needs. CD Genomics has successfully conducted whole transcriptome sequencing data analysis on a variety of samples. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more detailed information, and a CD Genomics representative is ready to answer your questions and get a complete understanding of your needs.


  1. Dou C, et al. Changing expression profiles of lncRNAs, mRNAs, circRNAs and miRNAs during osteoclastogenesis[J]. Scientific Reports, 2016, 6:21499.
* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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