Target Area Sequencing Data Analysis

Target Area Sequencing Data Analysis

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CD Genomics provides target area sequencing data analysis service. We use bioinformatics to deeply mine the target genes genetic information and mutation information based on the target area sequencing data. Our unique skills in data analysis can meet customers' personalized data analysis needs and provide the most comprehensive data analysis results.

What Is Target Area Sequencing Data Analysis

Target area sequencing is to design specific probes for interested genomic regions and hybridize them with genomic DNA in liquid phase. The DNA fragments of the target genomic regions are enriched and then sequenced using the next generation sequencing technology to obtain sequencing data. The point mutation, insertion mutation, deletion mutation and fusion mutation can be accurately identified by using bioinformatic analysis. Through the study of the target area of a large number of samples, it is helpful to discover and verify disease-related candidate genes or related loci, which has great application potential in clinical diagnosis and drug development.

 Principle of liquid phase capture sequencing - CD Genomics Fig 1. Principle of liquid phase capture sequencing

Advantages of Target Area Sequencing Data Analysis

◎ Analyze the genetic variation site for the target genomic region.

◎ More in-depth and accurate data coverage, increasing the probability of digging into rare mutation sites.

◎ Cost-effective, suitable for analysis and verification of large sample sizes.

We Can Help Our Clients With

Target area sequencing analysis can be used for but is not limited to the following research:

◎ Complex Disease◎ Cancer Research
◎ Mutation Site◎ DNA Testing

CD Genomics Data Analysis Workflow

Pipeline for target area sequencing data analysis - CD Genomics

What We Offer

Standard Service

1. Raw data QC and clean up
2. Alignment to a reference
3. Statistical analysis of data output, in-depth analysis of sequencing, and uniformity analysis of coverage
4. SNP mutation information detection
5. SNP RefGene annotation
6. SNP database analysis
7. Single sample SNP conservative prediction, pathogenicity analysis
8. Distribution statistics of SNP on each gene functional element
9. InDel mutation information detection
10. InDel's RefGene annotation
11. InDel database analysis
12. Distribution statistics of InDel on each gene functional element
In addition, we can tailor the content of target area sequencing data analysis according to your specific project needs.

How It Works

CD Genomics is a high-tech company specializing in multiomic data analysis. We provide services such as project design, data analysis, and database construction. With a focus on developing breakthrough products and services, we are a pioneer in the biotechnology industry, serving researchers and partners worldwide.

How It Works

CD Genomics provides general analysis and customized analysis of target area sequencing data analysis. Experienced teams of scientists, researchers, and technicians, we provide fast turnaround, high-quality data reports at competitive prices for worldwide customers. Customers can contact our employees directly and we will respond promptly. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more detailed information.

* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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