Genome Survey Sequencing Data Analysis

Genome Survey Sequencing Data Analysis

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A genome survey sequencing data analysis service provider, CD Genomics uses bioinformatics to help you explore the characteristics of genome. Our unique data analysis skill will exceed our customers' expectation on their personalized data analysis needs and provide the most comprehensive data analysis.

Introduction to Genome Survey Sequencing

Genome survey sequences (GSS) offer a preliminary global view of a genome. Unlike ESTs, GSS cover coding as well as non-coding DNA and include repetitive regions of the genome. A more precise estimation of the nature, quantity and variability of repetitive sequences very early in a genome sequencing project is of considerable importance, as such data strongly influence the estimation of genome coverage, library quality and progress in scaffold construction. Also, the elimination of repetitive sequences from the initial assembly process is important to avoid errors and unnecessary complexity. Repetitive sequences are also of interest in a variety of other studies, for instance as molecular markers.

What Is Genome Survey Sequencing Data Analysis?

Whole genome survey data analysis is the use of bioinformatics to estimate species genome size, heterozygosity, repeat sequence, GC content and other genomic information, to provide a basis for further genome-wide sequencing strategy selection.


GSS can provide an initial global view of a genome, which includes both coding and non-coding DNA and contain repetitive section of the genome;

Provides useful information for mapping genomes of novel organisms or finishing genomes of known organisms;

To estimate repetitive sequences, GSS plays an important role in the early assessment of a sequencing project since these data can affect the assessment of sequences coverage, library quality and the construction process;

GSS is also an effective way to large-scale and rapidly characterizing genomes of related species where there is only little gene sequences or maps.

CD Genomics Data Analysis Pipeline

Pipeline of genome survey sequencing data analysis - CD Genomics

Bioinformatics Analysis Content

Standard analysis

Genomic size estimate

Get GC depth

Repetition rate

Preliminary assembly

Heterozygosity rate

Advanced analysis

SSR mark development

Homologous annotation

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How It Works

CD Genomics is a high-tech company specializing in multiomic data analysis. We provide services such as project design, data analysis, and database construction. With a focus on developing breakthrough products and services, we are a pioneer in the biotechnology industry, serving researchers and partners worldwide.

How It Works

CD Genomics has over a decade of experience in genome survey sequencing data analysis. We also have significant expertise in data analysis in genomics to help drive research forward. We can contribute to the success of your project every step of the way.  If you have any questions about how we can help you, please get in touch. We look forward to working with you!

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