KEGG Enrichment Analysis

KEGG Enrichment Analysis

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We are dedicated to providing cutting-edge bioinformatics solutions that unlock the hidden potential of your omics data. Our KEGG Enrichment Analysis service equips you with the knowledge to understand the functional implications of your gene sets and guides you towards novel discoveries. We also have GO Enrichment Analysis service.

Overview of KEGG enrichment analysis

KEGG (Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes) Enrichment Analysis is a widely recognized bioinformatics method that systematically assesses the overrepresentation of biological pathways in gene sets derived from high-throughput omics data. By leveraging the extensive knowledge captured in the KEGG database, this analysis approach provides a comprehensive framework to identify key pathways and functional modules associated with a specific set of genes.

KEGG pathway enrichment analysis.KEGG pathway enrichment analysis. (Wu M et al., 2020)

How Can We Help You

Our KEGG Enrichment Analysis service is a seamless process that leverages sophisticated algorithms and powerful computational tools.

Data Submission: Researchers provide their gene set(s) of interest derived from their experimental data or derived from a specific research question.

Comprehensive Analysis: Our team of bioinformatics experts meticulously performs the KEGG enrichment analysis using state-of-the-art software tools and resources. We conduct gene set mapping, statistical testing, and robust multiple testing correction to ensure accurate and reliable results.

Interpretation and Visualization: Once the analysis is complete, we provide you with comprehensive reports containing a list of significantly enriched pathways, statistical measures (p-values, false discovery rates), and detailed annotations. Additionally, we offer intuitive visualization tools, including pathway enrichment maps and network diagrams, to help you gain a deeper understanding of the biological context and relationships between different pathways.

Insights and Recommendations: Our team of experts will guide you through the interpretation of the enrichment results, helping you uncover valuable biological insights. We offer tailored recommendations and suggestions for further experimental validation or exploration.

CD Genomics KEGG Enrichment Analysis Pipeline

Data Submission

You provide us with your gene set(s) of interest, typically derived from your experimental data or generated based on specific research questions. We accept various formats, such as gene symbols or Entrez IDs.

KEGG Enrichment Analysis

  • Mapping your gene set(s) to the KEGG pathways using appropriate gene identifiers.
  • Statistical testing to determine the overrepresentation of pathways within your gene set(s).
  • Multiple testing correction to address the issue of multiple hypothesis testing and control for false positives.
  • Generation of enrichment results, including enriched pathways and associated statistical measures.

Result Generation and Visualization

We compile the analysis results into a comprehensive report, which includes the enriched pathways, statistical measures, and detailed annotations. Additionally, we provide visualizations, such as pathway enrichment maps and network diagrams, to enhance the understanding of the interconnections between different pathways and their functional relationships.

Consultation and Interpretation

We schedule a consultation session to discuss the analysis findings and provide in-depth interpretation. Our experts assist you in unraveling the biological insights gained from the enrichment analysis and offer valuable recommendations for further exploration.


Comprehensive Enrichment Analysis Report

  • Identification of significantly enriched KEGG pathways associated with your gene set(s).
  • Statistical measures, such as p-values and false discovery rates (FDR), to determine the significance of pathway enrichment.
  • Detailed annotations and descriptions of enriched pathways, allowing for a deeper understanding of their biological context.
  • Visualizations, such as pathway enrichment maps and network diagrams, to aid in the interpretation and visualization of the results.

Customized Data Analysis

Our team works closely with you to tailor the analysis to your specific research goals. Whether you have gene expression data, proteomics data, or other omics datasets, we adapt our approach to accommodate your unique experimental design and objectives.

Data Preprocessing and Quality Control

We perform meticulous data preprocessing, including gene identifier conversion and filtering, to ensure accurate and reliable analysis outcomes. We also conduct quality control assessments to identify and address any potential data issues that could impact the analysis results.

Expert Consultation and Interpretation

Our team of bioinformatics experts provides comprehensive guidance and interpretation of the enrichment results. We assist you in understanding the biological implications of the identified pathways and help you prioritize further experimental validation or exploration.

With our KEGG Enrichment Analysis service, you can unlock the hidden potential of your omics data, gaining invaluable insights into the functional implications of your gene sets. Please contact us for more information.


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