Bioinformatic Analysis Platform

Bioinformatic Analysis Platform

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Importance of Bioinformatics

In the leading-edge of biological science, data analysis can be complex and challenging. It requires a combination of expertise in biology, statistics, and computer science to ask the right questions, select appropriate bioinformatic tools, and accurately interpret and visualize the results. Therefore, how to make good use of these data resources and mine the potential scientific research data value through bioinformatics has become an important issue in the new era of gene big data and life science.

What Can We Do?

Analyzing large, multi-source data sets can be challenging, but it also provides a unique opportunity to gain novel insights into complex biological systems. At CD Genomics, our bioinformatics platform is designed to help researchers and companies analyze complex data sets and identify meaningful connections between different data sources. We have developed our own algorithms and pipelines and used established tools and methods to analyze data from different sources and provide comprehensive insights into complex biological systems.

Our bioinformatics platform can handle various types of data, including genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and preclinical data. We specialize in integrating and analyzing data from multiple sources, using machine learning and statistical techniques to identify patterns and correlations.

What Can We Do?

Data Types That We Can Analyze

Our bioinformatics platform has carried out analysis across multi-omics platforms, including genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, epigenomics, and microbiome data. We also specialize in integrating non-omic data, such as outcome data, biomarker assay data (e.g., microarray, RT-PCR, flow cytometry), and quantitated imaging data.

We can accept data in most formats and from any location. Depending on the size of the data file, we can use email, cloud transfer or physical receipt via hard-drives. Our team of bioinformaticians is experienced in handling large data sets and can work with you to determine the most appropriate method for data transfer.

Data Types That We Can Analyze.

CD Genomics Services.

Whether you are a researcher in academia, industry or healthcare, our bioinformatics service offers a comprehensive and trustworthy approach to your projects. Our services include project planning, experimental design, data processing and analysis, as well as comprehensive reporting of the results. We provide bioinformatics data analysis according to customer needs, including conventional data analysis and personalized customized analysis services.

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Data Analysis Content

Data analysis includes upload raw data, quality control (QC), statistical analysis,
chart production and result reporting. Contents include differential expression analysis of genes, functional enrichment analysis, signal pathway enrichment analysis, interaction network analysis,
pathway enrichment analysis, and various cluster analysis.

Bioinformatic Analysis Workflows

Languages such as Linux, Perl, Python, and R and biological information analysis software are used for data analysis and chart making.

Bioinformatic Analysis Platform

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  • Bioinformatic Analysis Platform

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  • Bioinformatic Analysis Platform

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  • Bioinformatic Analysis Platform

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Our clients include researchers in biomedical academic institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, clinical institutions and government agencies. In addition to providing advice and assistance in designing and implementing onerous bioinformatics research projects, our bioinformatics team also directly performs complicated bioinformatics and research projects for our clients. Our services can work with a wide range of organisms -from medical research using human samples or studies involving human patients, animal and plant research using model or non-model organisms, to research projects targeting microbial and viral species.

Our Clients.
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