Lipidomics Analysis

Lipidomics Analysis

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What Do We Analyze?

CD Genomics uses bioinformatics to provide lipidomics data analysis, which can help you analyze the composition and expression changes of lipids in organisms quickly and accurately. We also provide personalized analysis services using our high-quality data analysis platform, so you can expect a fast analysis cycle and a high-quality result report.

Introduction to Lipidomics Analysis

Lipids are a class of hydrophobic or amphiphilic small molecules that mainly include the following eight categories: fatty acyls, glycerolipds, glycerophospholipids, sphingolipids, sterol lipids, prenolipids, saccharolipids, and polyketides. Although structured differently, they have the same characteristics, such as insoluble in water, but soluble in non-polar organic solvents such as ether, chloroform and acetone. Lipidomics is a high-throughput analysis technique based on LC-MS/MS, systematically studying changes in lipid composition and expression of objects, and then elucidating the mechanisms and principles of life activities involving lipid families and lipid molecules. Lipidomics, as an important branch of metabolomics, is important in studying lipid transport, synthesis, abnormal metabolism, metabolic syndrome, aging, changes in mitochondrial membrane lipid composition and function and development.

Lipids in organisms at the systemic level can be studied by analyzing lipidomics data using bioinformatics, revealing the interaction between lipid molecules and other biological molecules. Through metabolic pathway analysis, the relative relationship between lipids and physiological changes can be explored, and internal changes of organisms analyzed. Lipid metabolism analysis has been widely used in related fields such as disease diagnosis, disease mechanism research, nutritional food science, toxicology and botany.

 Correlations between rheumatoid arthritis-associated clinical parameters and oxidised lipid levels based on multiple linear regression analyses.Fig 1.Correlations between rheumatoid arthritis-associated clinical parameters and oxidized lipid levels based on multiple linear regression analyses. (Fu J, et al. 2016)

Application Field

Medical research-disease diagnosis, biomarker screening, disease mechanism and personalized treatment.

Biomedicine-drug action mechanism, drug efficacy evaluation, drug development.

Agriculture and forestry field-research on stress resistance mechanism, growth and development mechanism, breeding protection.

Animal husbandry-meat and milk quality research, pathogenic mechanism research.

Food nutrition-optimization of food storage and processing conditions, food composition and quality identification, functional food development, food safety supervision and testing.

Advantages of CD Genomics

Strict data quality control, standardized analysis process, reproducible analysis results.

Multi-omics joint analysis, providing joint analysis services from genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, to metabolomics, in-depth analysis of biological phenomena.

Personalized customization, personalized data analysis content and charts that can be used for article publication.

CD Genomics Data Analysis Pipeline

CD Genomics lipidomics data analysis pipeline - CD Genomics.

Bioinformatic Analysis Content

CD Genomics provides lipidomics data analysis service. We ensure data reliability through strict data quality control.

Lipid identification Data quality control
Lipid compound identification
Statistics of lipid compounds
Lipid subclass analysis
Total sample principal component analysis
Significant difference lipid analysis Multivariate statistical analysis
Principal component analysis
Partial least squares discriminant analysis
Orthogonal partial least squares discriminant analysis
Hierarchical cluster analysis of differential metabolites
Correlation analysis of different metabolites

If you are interested in our lipidomics data analysis service or other custom service, and want to know the analysis content, price, or cycle, please contact us through online inquiry.

CD Genomics provides general analysis and customized analysis of lipidomics data analysis. Experienced teams of scientists, researchers, and technicians, we provide fast turnaround, high-quality data reports at competitive prices for worldwide customers. Customers can contact our employees directly and we will respond promptly. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to get in touch for more detailed information.


  1. Fu J, et al. Metabolomics profiling of the free and total oxidised lipids in urine by LC-MS/MS: application in patients with rheumatoid arthritis[J]. Analytical & Bioanalytical Chemistry, 2016, 408(23):1-13.
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