Quasi-targeted Metabolomics Analysis

Quasi-targeted Metabolomics Analysis

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As one of the global bioinformatic analysis service providers, CD Genomics provides customers with quasi-targeted metabolomics data analysis services to help accurately, comprehensively and systematically study the characteristics of metabolites in living organisms. We use bioinformatics to jointly analyze non-targeted metabolomics data and targeted metabolomics data to perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of metabolites. Provide us the data and we will do the rest of the work.  At the end, you will receive a complete and easy-to-interpret analysis result report.

Introduction of Quasi-targeted Metabolomics

Quasi-targeted metabolomics is a new type of metabolomics detection technology based on LC-MS/MS that combines the advantages of non-targeted and targeted metabolomics. Non-targeted metabolomics is a comprehensive and systematic analysis of endogenous metabolites in organisms. It is an unbiased analysis that can discover new biomarkers, but has poor repeatability. Targeted metabolomics is the research and analysis of specific metabolites. It has good repeatability and sensitivity, but requires more research background to support it, and it is a biased metabonomic analysis method.

Combining the high-throughput advantages of non-targeted metabolomics with the advantages of high accuracy and high sensitivity of targeted metabolomics, using bioinformatics analysis methods to analyze quasi-targeted metabolomics data can discover new differential metabolites, conduct precise quantitative analysis of specific metabolites, and analyze related information such as metabolic pathways, related genes, and target proteins, providing a data basis for subsequent in-depth research. Quasi-targeted metabolomics plays an important role in the research fields of food identification, disease research, biomarker discovery, drug screening, plant metabolism, microbial metabolism and so on.

Serum metabolic correlation network diagram generated using MetScape (Cytoscape) based on metabolite pairwise correlations.Fig 1. Serum metabolic correlation network diagram generated using MetScape (Cytoscape) based on metabolite pairwise correlations. (Lau C H E, et al. 2018)

Application Field

Disease research field-discovery of molecular markers of disease, research on pathological mechanism, auxiliary diagnosis of disease, clinical research, research on occurrence and development of disease.

Drug research field-drug development, drug target screening and drug evaluation.

Plant research field-plant metabolism research, resistance mechanism research, development mechanism research, breeding research, plant protection research.

Other fields-food identification, animal model verification, microbial metabolism research and so on..

Advantages of CD Genomics

Experienced metabolite research team

Data analysis strategy can be customized according to actual needs.

Multi-omics joint analysis, providing joint analysis services from genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, to metabolomics, in-depth analysis of biological phenomena.

Strict data analysis process and strict data quality control ensure accurate and reliable data analysis results.

Customized charts can be used directly for article writing.

Fast analysis cycle can speed up your research progress.

CD Genomics Data Analysis Pipeline

CD Genomics quasi-targeted metabolomics data analysispipeline - CD Genomics.

Bioinformatics Analysis Content

CD Genomics provides quasi-targeted metabolomics data analysis service, which ensures the reliability of data analysis through strict data quality control.

Data quality control Quality control
Total sample principal component analysis
Metabolite annotation KEGG annotation
HMDB annotation
LIPID MAPS annotation
Differential metabolite screening PCA analysis
PLS-DA analysis
Differential expression volcano map
Differential metabolite analysis Differential metabolite analysis (venn diagram)
Hierarchical cluster analysis
Correlation analysis
z-score graph
KEGG analysis KEGG Bubble chart
KEGG metabolic pathway diagram
ROC analysis Differential metabolite ROC analysis

Custom service for quasi-targeted metabolomics data analysis is available. Please feel free to click online inquiry for more details.

CD Genomics, staffed by highly experienced biological scientists in metabolomics studies. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more detailed information, and a CD Genomics representative is ready to answer your questions and get a complete understanding of your needs.


  1. Lau C H E, et al. Determinants of the urinary and serum metabolome in children from six European populations[J]. BMC Medicine, 2018, 16(1).
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