Single Cell Genome Analysis

Single Cell Genome Analysis

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CD Genomics is a single cell genome data analysis provider. We use bioinformatics to help you explore the relationship between cell population differences and cell evolution. Our unique data analysis skills and high-quality data analysis platform will exceed your expectations on the personalized data analysis.

Introduction of Single Cell Genome Analysis

A cell is the smallest functional unit of an organism. The unique gene expression characteristics of each cell are closely related to the function of the cell and tissue. Traditional genetic sequencing is performed on tissue samples or cell populations as a whole, and differences between cells may be masked by averaging. Understanding of biological systems requires the knowledge of their individual components.

Single-cell genome sequencing technology is a new technology for amplifying and sequencing the whole genome at the single-cell level. The principle is to use MDA or MALBAC technology to efficiently amplify a small amount of whole genomic DNA in a single cell to obtain a complete genome with high coverage and then perform high-throughput sequencing to reveal the differences in cell populations and cell evolution.

Single cell genome sequencing process. Fig 1. Single cell genome sequencing process.

Application Field

Single cell genome data analysis can be used for but not limited to the following research:

Tumor research.

Evolution research.

Immune research.

Development research.

Advantages of CD Genomics

Scientific scheme design.

Strict quality control management.

Professional analysis team.

Rich project experience.

High-quality project service. An experienced analytical team.

CD Genomics Data Analysis Pipeline

CD Genomics single cell genome data analysis pipeline - CD Genomics.

Bioinformatics Analysis Content

Unearthing the key information from the complicated single-cell data is the top priority of single-cell research. The standard process in bioinformatic analysis is not enough to discover all the important information in the data. CD Genomics' analysis team will not only provide customers with standardized analysis content, advanced analysis content that has been rigorously tested and evaluated, but also provide a full range of personalized customized analysis services following each customer's project needs.

Standard analysis

Sequencing data statistics

Remove adapter sequence and low-quality sequence

Map to reference genome

SNP detection, annotation and statistics

Indel detection, annotation and statistics

SV detection, annotation and statistics

Advanced analysis

Population structure analysis

Principal component analysis

Phylogenetic tree construction

For single-cell genome bioinformatic analysis, the read length of the original sequencing data should exceed PE100, and the sequencing depth should exceed 30 times. We will provide appropriate biological information analysis content according to your needs. For analysis content, price, cycle, or any other questions, please click online inquiry.

How It Works

CD Genomics is a high-tech company specializing in multiomic data analysis. We provide services such as project design, data analysis, and database construction. With a focus on developing breakthrough products and services, we are a pioneer in the biotechnology industry, serving researchers and partners worldwide.

How It Works

CD Genomics provides general analysis and customized analysis of single cell genome sequencing data. Experienced teams of scientists, researchers, and technicians, we provide fast turnaround, high-quality data reports at competitive prices for worldwide customers. Customers can contact our employees directly and we will respond promptly. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more detailed information.

* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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