Neurotransmitter Metabolomics Data Analysis

Neurotransmitter Metabolomics Data Analysis

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Neurotransmitters are a class of chemicals found between neuronal synapses that act by binding to specific receptors on the postsynaptic membrane to generate electrical signals to mediate excitatory or inhibitory effects. Quantitative assays of neurotransmitters have been widely used in neurological diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and intestinal diseases, combined with targeted metabolomics and microbiomics to explore the correlation between neurotransmitters and diseases.

Introduction of Neurotransmitter-Targeted Metabolomics Analysis Services

There are more than 100 types of neurotransmitters that transmit information between nerve cells, and their functions vary. Neurotransmitters can be divided into four categories, namely biogenic amines, amino acids, peptides, and others. The complexity of the release patterns of different kinds of neurotransmitters, differences in temporal space, receptor types, and distribution increases the difficulty of accurately detecting neurotransmitter release. Targeted metabolomic analysis of neurotransmitters enables the detection of a number of neurotransmitters with low concentrations or large concentration gradients. CD Genomics has established a reliable platform for neurotransmitter detection and data analysis and provides neurotransmitter-targeted metabolism analysis services using LC-MS and GC-MS technologies that are capable of detecting virtually all neurotransmitters involved in current research.

Technical schematic of high-resolution LC-MS/MS quantitation of 50 neurotransmitters and tryptophan metabolites of significance to the mammalian microbiome–gut–brain axis.Figure 1. Technical schematic of high-resolution LC-MS/MS quantitation of 50 neurotransmitters and tryptophan metabolites of significance to the mammalian microbiome–gut–brain axis. (Lai Y, et al., 2021)

Project Workflow of Neurotransmitter-Targeted Metabolomics Analysis Services

 Neurotransmitter Metabolomics Data Analysis


We can provide the following analysis results, including but not limited to.

  • Metabolite volcano map.
  • Heat map of differential metabolite clustering.
  • Correlation analysis heat map.

How Can We Help You

Choosing our targeted metabolomics analysis services for neurotransmitters can help you solve the following problems.

  • Neurotransmitters can promote tumor progression, and we are able to use targeted metabolomic analysis of neurotransmitters to help our customers explore the function of neurotransmitters in tumor development and find emerging targets for cancer therapy.
  • We are able to use neurotransmitter-targeted metabolomics to analyze the pathogenesis of diseases such as Depression, Parkinson's disease, and Alzheimer's disease, laying the foundation for clinical drug development.
  • Targeted metabolomic analysis of neurotransmitters can be used to assess the mechanism of action of drugs.
  • Targeted metabolomic analysis of neurotransmitters can be used to identify potential biomarkers of disease.

Can CD Genomics help me generate raw data?

Yes, we can. With advanced instrumentation, a high-coverage self-built database, and experienced metabolomics experts, we can provide you with neurotransmitter detection services. We are able to perform the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the following neurotransmitter using LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS techniques.

Glutamate Glutamine γ-aminobutyric acid Levodopa
Dopamine Adrenaline Norepinephrine 3-methoxytyramine
Tyramine Methoxyepinephrine Hydroxyindoleacetic acid Serotonin
5-hydroxy-L-tryptophan Acetylcholine Histamine Moradrenaline bitartrate
3,4-dihydroxyphenyl glycol 3,4-dihydroxymandelic acid Homovanillic acid N-acetyl serotonin
Melatonin Tryptamine Ketoglutarate Succinic acid
Quinolinic acid Serotonin hydrochloride 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid Kynurenic acid

How should I prepare and send my samples?

If you require our neurotransmitter services, please send samples as requested in the form below and contact us.

Sample Type Minimum requirement per sample Storage and transportation
Serum, plasma 200 ul Snap freeze in liquid nitrogen.
Store at -80 ℃.
Ship with dry ice.
Feces 200 mg
Animal tissue 200 mg
Cell supernatant 1 mL
Cerebro-spinal fluid 200 ul
Cell 1 x 107 cells

What is it about CD Genomics that is different from others?

  • We can achieve a simultaneous qualitative and quantitative analysis of multiple neurotransmitters.
  • Based on our multi-omics analysis services, we can provide metabolomics of neurotransmitters in combination with other omics analysis services.
  • We can provide a one-stop personalized analysis service.


  1. Lai Y, et al. High-Resolution Metabolomics of 50 Neurotransmitters and Tryptophan Metabolites in Feces, Serum, and Brain Tissues Using UHPLC-ESI-Q Exactive Mass Spectrometry. ACS Omega. 2021 Mar 15; 6(12): 8094-8103.
* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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