Plant Hormones Metabolomics Data Analysis

Plant Hormones Metabolomics Data Analysis

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Plant hormones are active organic compounds that are synthesized in plants and can be transported from the site of production to the site of action, and can exert some physiological effects on plants in minute concentrations, playing an important regulatory role in gene expression, growth, development, and response to the environment.

Introduction of Plant Hormones-Targeted Metabolomics Analysis Services

Targeted metabolomics of phytohormones targets identified target phytohormones and is often used for quantitative analysis of known phytohormones. CD Genomics' targeted metabolomics of phytohormones service is based on our LC-MS, GC-MS and other platforms to help customers analyze the differences in plant hormones under different conditions. We are able to help our customers study the differences in plant hormone expression within and across species, the spatiotemporal metabolic profiles of plants, and the metabolic responses of plants to different ecological environments and stresses.

One-step extraction of distinct phytohormone classes.Figure 1. One-step extraction of distinct phytohormone classes. (Šimura J, et al., 2018)

Workflow of Plant Hormones-Targeted Metabolomics Analysis Services

 Plant Hormones Metabolomics Data Analysis


We can provide the following analysis results, including but not limited to.

  • Metabolite volcano map.
  • Heat map of differential metabolite clustering.
  • Correlation analysis heat map.

How Can We Help You

Choosing our targeted metabolomics analysis services for plant hormones can help you solve the following problems.

  • When the environment in which a plant lives changes, the plant's metabolic equilibrium is disrupted and it achieves a new state of equilibrium through its own regulation in order to adapt to the changes in the environment. We are able to use metabolomic analysis to detect the metabolic changes produced by plants facing stress, which can reveal the molecular mechanisms of plant stress resistance.
  • We are able to use metabolomics to analyze the differences in metabolic phenotypes of plants at different growth stages, in different tissues, in different growing environments, and different species.
  • The type and content of metabolites are closely related to quality traits such as nutrition and aroma. We are able to use metabolomics to study plant quality and metabolite correlations and to localize and identify genes controlling specific metabolites for plant breeding.
  • We are able to use metabolomics to study the metabolic phenotypes of medicinal plants, and the metabolic mechanisms of active substances affected by different ecological environments.

Can CD Genomics help me generate raw data?

Yes, we can. With advanced instrumentation, a high-coverage self-built database, and experienced metabolomics experts, we can provide you with plant hormones detection services. We are able to perform the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the following plant hormones using LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS techniques.

Growth hormone Abscisic acid Jasmonates Salicylic acid
Cytokinin Gibberellin Ethylene Brassinosteroids
Strigolactones Brassinolide Zeatin

How should I prepare and send my samples?

If you require our plant hormones detection services, please send samples as requested in the form below and contact us.

Sample Type Minimum requirement per sample Storage and transportation
Plant tissue 400 mg Snap freeze in liquid nitrogen.
Store at -80 ℃.
Ship with dry ice.
Plant seeds 400 mg
Fermentation solution 1 mL

What is it about CD Genomics that is different from others?

  • We have our own database of plant hormones and integrate some high-quality public databases, enabling a high level of coverage of plant hormones.
  • We have a high-resolution mass spectrometry platform, a mature and stable quality control system, and experienced experts to provide our customers with high-quality and accurate data.
  • Based on our multi-omics analysis services, we are able to provide metabolomics of plant hormones in combination with other omics analysis services.
  • Our own database contains standards for several novel plant hormones that can help our customers advance their innovative projects.


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